Wondr Health
This is Wondr.

6 months, 175+ videos and counting, thousands of lives changed by living a healthier lifestyle. All while still being able to eat pizza 🍕 We helped the incredible folks at Wondr Health by building out a complete production studio, filming for 6 months with the best crew in the world, creating a post-production pipeline to deliver an entire library of masterclass videos. And we’re just getting started. So many greats involved in this massive project, and only a few of them enjoy eating their cereal with water. Here's a little preview.


EP: Joe Childress
Producer: Grant Wakefield
Director: Ryan Polly
DP: Daniel Routh
Additional Cinematography: Joshua Fortuna
AC: Lauren Sultan
Sound: Ferris Shaheen, Eric Marsh
Editor: René Gomez, E'an Verdugo, Matt Krause
Mograph: Matt Krause
HMU: Meagan D'Von
Wardrobe: Elizabeth Farrell
G&E Swing: Morgan Sanderlin
Prod. Manager: Ryan Blitzer
PA: Amanda Lee, Blaine Strickland
And so many more 💪🏼

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